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About Us

About the Company
With a dedication to satisfy clients of various levels, our staffing solutions are developed from the concept of personalizing our services to the unique staffing requirements of the healthcare companies we serve. Gericare Staffing Services is fully driven to be part of the success of your organization. We believe that the workforce we supply is integral in your over-all operations. Because of this, we strive to maintain the quality of the candidates in our network of therapists.

Gericare Staffing Services and the Community
Our goal is to be part of community development.  Gericare Staffing Services supports the continuous improvement of staffing services and therapeutic practices in the areas of occupational therapy, speech pathology and physical therapy.  We practice with integrity, patience and respect for the patient’s privacy.

Mission Statement
Gericare Staffing Services has a mission to be the first choice for healthcare companies when it comes to staffing physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists.

Our Vision
We envision the fulfillment of our customers’ needs through the quality execution of staffing solutions, efficient background checking of therapist-applicants and the smooth transition from manpower pooling, selection, hiring to employment.