Who We Are

  • Gericare Staffing Services is a Texas-based Staffing Services agency for Therapists – PT, OT and ST.
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Staffing Solutions

Occupational Therapy
Assistance with ADL
Physical Therapy
Pain Management & Disability
Speech Therapy
Communication Skills
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Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapists from Gericare Staffing Services specialize in optimizing the quality of the patient’s workplace or living conditions.

They are responsible for getting the patient back into shape after an accident that may have affected that patient’s mobility or motor skills.

The occupational therapist covers the following areas:

  • DLA (daily living activities) training
  • Retraining with mobility
  • Training in the use of mobility assistive devices
  • Motor skill maximization
  • Ambulatory maintenance
  • Hand-eye coordination improvement
  • Health Education for the patient and the family members