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  • Gericare Staffing Services is a Texas-based Staffing Services agency for Therapists – PT, OT and ST.
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Speech Therapy Jobs

Injuries, illnesses and other disabilities could be traumatic and sometimes could impair speech and hearing abilities. Gericare Staffing Services offers you some of the greatest speech therapists you could get to restore the crucial capability of speaking and hearing.

Such impairments could be due to traumatic events or it could also be something that the patient has been born with. However here are some specific examples of speech problems that may guide you in choosing the therapy your patients need — stuttering, cluttering, lisp, speech sound disorders (articulation or phonemic), voice disorders, dysarthria, apraxia, autism and any other illnesses that may affect it.

The following services can be conducted by speech therapists from Gericare Staffing Services:

  • Comprehension Capacity Assessment
  • Sensory Skills Assessment
  • Cognitive Skills Assessment
  • Memory Skills Assessment and Improvement
  • Swallowing Evaluation
  • Communication Skills Enhancement